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June 22, 2018 0

I grew up in a regular-sized Brampton, ON home in a middle-class family. There were four of us, including my parents, my brother, and me. My brother and I shared a room and got along well, for the most part. The back side of the house had a sliding glass patio door on the main floor and the top floor, leading to the deck. My memories are filled with outdoor play and running through the sprinklers in the summer and jumping off the deck into huge snow piles in the winter.

There’s also a distinct memory of me running smack into the sliding glass door when I thought it was open. It was not. It was just very clean. This memory is something my family likes to share with everyone. Every boyfriend I ever had heard this tale. My, now, husband, likes to laugh with my mother about it. I figure one day, they’ll tire of the story.

Anyway, about six weeks ago, my husband broached the subject of home upgrades with me. We’ve recently paid off a good amount of debt and have extra to work with. But, I’m a saver. I did not want to discuss how we could spend more.

You see, he wanted to add a patio door. We don’t have one. We do, however, “have a lovely yard and a great space to create a patio—but no patio door” (his argument, by the way). Of course, he brought up my childhood mishap, which did nothing to sell me on the idea.

But, marriage is about compromise. And, even though I wanted to end the discussion and trick him into running into a glass door—I agreed to check out some options at Brock Doors and Windows (the same place my parents have gone for their doors and windows upgrades).

I kept telling myself—and my husband—that we were not getting a sliding glass patio door. The idea of hearing that silly childhood story over and over again for (at least) the next year was too much. He insisted we look at them anyway.

As it turns out, there were some great sliding patio door options. The best part (as my husband pointed out) was that we could choose to add grilles to any door as a safety feature to protect me and as a style option.

He thinks he’s funny.

But, I will say, Brock’s patio door options are impressive. We were there a couple hours discussing the ins and outs of creating space for a door to go and the options we wanted most. We decided on:

  • North Star patio sliding doors. These are an attractive, energy-efficient option choosing vinyl patio door in Brampton that fit within our budget.
  • Sandalwood colour extrusions. These are UV-resistant with an embossed wood-grain texture.
  • 3/4” contour grille. You know. For my safety… Ha.
  • Multi-point locks. For added security.

My husband was right—a new patio door and patio space was the right choice for our first home upgrade. The summer is approaching and we’re ready to spend time outdoors, grilling and relaxing together with the dogs. Give Brock Doors and Windows a call—you’ll love their work!

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