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May 15, 2017 0

As we thaw into the spring season, do you find yourself itching to jump on those home projects you put off last year? You know; the deck garden you swore you would keep up, the interior DIY projects you gleaned from Pinterest and the replacement of your hideous/outdated front door.

Our team at Brock Doors and Windows in Brampton, ON, can help with one of these projects! Lucky for you, it will be the least time-consuming and simplest project off your Spring Renovations Project List. To begin, let’s zero-in on your desired style, shall we?

Style option #1: modernized

“Modern” is a buzz word thrown around a lot in home décor magazines, television shows, and networks. Does anyone know what this means? A simple definition of a modern home: a design which follows early- to mid-century architecture from the “machinery age.” Now, this same definition translated into plain English: lacking in intricate details, made with steel or concrete, has large windows and glass panes, and open floor plans. Does this sound like your home? If so, consider a steel replacement front door with rigid geometric shapes/cutouts for windows, stained glass joined together with brass, zinc, or patina. Brock Example: our Novatech Doors and some Verre Select designs are perfect for this style!

Style option #2: elegance

If your home has crown molding, intricate details in the woodwork or walls, and antique or high-end furniture, it likely falls into the “elegant” category. The perfect front door for this design will come with decorative glass, unique designs, and gorgeous noticeable hardware. For a graceful touch, we can add a beautiful brushed metal door knocker and lever or handle hardware. Brock Example: our Trim Lite and Verre Select Doors have lovely options for this style!

Style option #3: contemporary (not to be confused with modern!)

A contemporary home has in-ornate furniture, clean lines, open spaces and natural elements like cedar, stone, and neutral or earthy paint colors. Brock Example: check out our MasterGrain and Fusion Doors lines.

Style Option #4: swanky and eclectic

Do you prefer a little flare? If you want your front door to stand out and to be set apart from the mainstream Brampton home, go for a fun color and oversized hardware or narrow French doors with elongated windows. We can customize to whatever you desire—do you want a red door without windows and a bronzed door knocker? How about teal double doors with level handles and stained glass? Your door, your way!

Style Option #4: country chic or vintage

Choose an arched front door with side accent windows ornate French doors with beautiful glass detailing. Brock Example: Miliano Design door line—perfect for a country chic or vintage home!

Does your home style differ from this list? At Brock Windows and Doors, we have hundreds of options to help you select a front door in Brampton, Ontario you will treasure. Your spring project awaits! We look forward to helping you upgrade your home with a beautiful replacement front door. Visit our showroom or call us to schedule a free in-home consultation. We’ll see you soon!

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