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Tips to Ensure Problem-Free Replacement Window Installation

December 16, 2019 0

After you buy the North York, ON replacement windows needed for your home, you’ll obviously want to get them installed as soon as possible. You’ll need to work out the timing of the installation with the replacement window shop. But sooner rather than later, the installers will arrive to take out your old windows and to replace them with your new windows. You won’t have to worry about rolling up your sleeves and doing any of the installation. That said, there are a few things you can do beforehand to ensures that the project proceeds smoothly. Here’s what to do.

Mind Your Windows

The movers will need access to the walls where the old windows will be removed and where the new windows will be put in place. You can facilitate the process by clearing the walls.

Windows Treatments: You need to remove window treatments. So any blinds, curtains, shutters, shades, or any other types of window coverings in place should be removed. They will have to come down whether you remove them or not. But the process will go much smoother if you do it ahead of the installers arriving. Once the job is done and the installers depart, you can put back the window coverings. But they should be taken down and put away in time for the install.

Mind Your Walls

How much stuff do you have on your walls? Most people have paintings, drawings, photos, and other things. These are great things to have, but they can get in the way of an installation project.

Photos and Wall Art: Do you have family photos or any art on your walls? If any of these near to the windows that will be replaced – take them down. You want to give the installers an unobstructed work area so that there’s nothing to impede their progress. Remove the photos and art and put them away in a room where they won’t be in the way.

Mind Your Furniture

Sofas, day beds, rocking chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, and other things can make for a tight working environment. You don’t want to present any safety hazards or hamper productivity.

Furniture: Once again, the goal should be to remove anything that could get in the installers’ way. This means moving furniture that might be close to the windows being changed. Whether you can do it yourself or if you need help, ensure that the furniture items are removed.

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