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How to Sell Residents on the Benefits of Window Replacement

September 27, 2019 0

When it comes to launching a Scarborough, ON replacement window project, you’re never going to make everyone happy. Some residents will be resentful because of the inconvenience. Others simply don’t want strangers – namely the installers — to be inside their homes when they — the occupants – aren’t there to supervise. You’ll have to do what you have to do regardless, but here are some talking points you can use to convince residents that a window replacement project is very much in their best interests.

Higher Level of Security

Residents will be much safer when replacement windows are installed. Old windows that are the worse for wear might actually present security hazards. This is especially the case if the windows have a single pane of glass. Modern windows have two or even three panes. This will make the windows more formidable against possible break-in attempts. Another problem with older windows is that they may not operate as well as they did when they were first installed. If operational problems mean that windows don’t close properly, are hard to open, and are missing locking mechanisms, residents will be in serious danger.

Lower Utility Bills

Replacement windows will also translate into lower utility bills. Who doesn’t want to save on their heating and cooling costs? Let the residents know that, with another cold Canadian winter on the way, they will stand to save month after month on their heating bills. But the savings won’t stop after winter’s done. It will continue as they will also spend less on cooling costs during the summer. Most people would love nothing more than to reduce what they have to pay each month for utilities – and replacement windows are a practical way to achieve this objective. If your residents know this, they will be more open to the inconvenience a replacement window project will cause. An added benefit is that replacement windows will make the interior of the properties more comfortable regardless of the time of year.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do regardless of the opposition, but things will go much more smoothly for you as a property manager if you can get resident buy-in for a Scarborough, ON replacement windows project. Are you looking for the right replacement window retailer to partner with? Give us a call at Brock Doors and Windows Ltd. for the help you need. We have a good relationship with property managers. Some replacement window stores focus on consumers but also work with property managers on the side. With us, however, we actually specialize in both consumers and property managers. We know what both segments want. When you approach us as a property manager, we’ll be able to give you specialized help. Visit us at our Scarborough location. We’re based at 2131 McCowan Rd Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6. You can also give us a call anytime at (416) 293-9777. Let’s get your projects done right! We’re just a phone call or a visit away. Get in touch today.

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