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Reducing Humidity in Your Home

December 05, 2012 0

So you’re considering having new windows installed in your home. You’re definitely upgrading to energy efficient windows, but with so many potential companies to work with, reducing humidity in the homewhere do you even start?

The first and only place to start when considering a big project like replacing the windows in your home is with a professional.

The truth is, there are many “fly by night” window installation companies out there that may give you a good price up front, but be long gone when something goes wrong.

Improper window installation can not only lead to energy inefficiency with air leaking through, but it could also lead to water leak into the home leading to costly damage. Here are some things that a proper installation would include:

– The installation should provide an airtight and insulated seal.
– After the installation the windows should maintain their original shape and should remain level and vertical.
– Exterior finishing like flashing should prevent water penetration.
– The window or door should not support any weight other than it’s own (unless it is designed to do so)

Retrofit VS Complete Tear Out

When replacing exterior windows or doors, there are two types of installations: Retrofit and complete tear out. A retrofit involves installing a window or door into the same existing frame where the windows or doors are being replaced. This can be done quicker and cheaper, but might not necessarily create a perfect seal.

A complete tear out install includes replacing the window, including the frame. A complete tear out allows an installation professional to create an airtight seal between the new window and the opening in the wall. In terms of humidity control, the tighter the seal, the more control the homeowner will have over humidity.

Humidity Factor

A certain amount of humidity in your home is desirable for the cold months. An indicator that the humidity level may be too high in your home is a significant level of condensation on the outside of the glass. If you find the humidity level becoming too high in your home, here are a few things you can do to help:

– Turn off the humidifier on your furnace.
– Ensure that the clothes dryer, and bathroom/kitchen fans are properly vented to the outside.
– Reduce the number of plants in your home.
– Store firewood outside.


At the end of the day, if you want your new energy efficient windows to operate at peak performance, you must ensure that they are installed by professionals that know what they are doing. Brock Windows and Doors has been in business for 23 years and has done more than 55,000 installs in the GTA. They guarantee that your windows will be installed properly the first time. In an industry where fly by night companies are everywhere, quality and credibility can be tough to come by. With Brock, you can rest assured that they have you covered every step of the way.

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