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October 27, 2017 0

We all want beautiful décor and features in our homes. We also all want these things to be affordable, and quality. So, how do we balance this while we navigate renovations and upgrades in our home? Surely, we can search Pinterest for décor ideas and fun DIY projects, but what about upgrading our windows? 

Here at Brock Windows and Doors in Brampton, ON, we can help you handle the replacement windows in your home! Our team is not simply a group of excellent installers and contractors—we are skilled in designing and co-designing with the resident in and around this area! In fact, the imagination and customization aspects of upgrading homes throughout the city are our favorite part of the whole process!

Here are a few popular window replacement in Brampton, ON options to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. The casement window
    These are classic and functional and among some of the most affordable window styles on the market. Casement windows feature one hinged sash that swings outward, away from the home and welcomes the outside breeze in. Additionally, the operation is smooth and easy. Usually, casement windows have a crank-handle that easily turns to smoothly push the window open. Design tip: flank casement windows on either side of a large picture window for dramatic effect and added ventilation.

  2. Double-hung windows
    These are also classic (see a theme?) look for your home. A double-hung window means that the window has two sashes which slide up and down. Why is this a great option for your next window replacement project? Classic, traditional windows are versatile—and these come with a modern spin. So, no worries about having “plain, cookie-cutter” windows in your home. Additionally, these windows are also easy to operate, which many families need to accommodate everyone—young and old—living at home. Design tip: these windows look especially stunning in bedrooms.

  3. Awning windows
    Often times, people do not realize how versatile this window style is! Awning windows are essentially a flipped version of a casement window. They are hinged on one sash and open upward and away from the home. They can come with a crank-handle just like the casement window or with just a simple push-open operation. Unique to this style is the ventilation they provide—even during the rainy season! Because the windows swing upward, they provide their own protection from rainfall so you can feel the breeze all season long! Design tip: go big or go home! Awning windows are lovely small accents to other large windows but are also perfect as the large, main window in any room.

We encourage you to bring your ideas here to our team at Brock Doors and Windows. Together, let’s bring your home back to life with windows that are not only beautiful and of the highest quality—but also within your budget. We’re excited to meet you!

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