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Customizable Options for New Windows

April 24, 2017 0

Windows are more than just functional pieces of your home. They are your connection to the outside. They are portals for your family and friends. They allow in natural light and refreshing ventilation. They also offer protection and security. And more than just accessories, the right windows can become the centerpiece of every room. Maybe even a work of art. Through customizable options, offered by Brock Doors and Windows, you can choose the exact function and esthetic of your new windows in Toronto, ON. Some options include:


The most basic thing to choose when selecting replacement windows is the style. This is when you consider both the form and the function of your new windows. Some of our designs include single and double hung, slider, casement, awning, bow, bay, and picture windows. If none of these appeal to you, we do have other custom options.


Most of our products come in a range of neutral colors to fit your personal tastes. The seven main exterior colors we offer include white, ivory, hickory, chestnut, cocoa, expresso, sable, and sandalwood. These UV-resistant overlays have a beautiful embossed wood texture. They will stay in excellent shape for years to come. As for interior finishes, we include white, kolonial-oak, expresso, and a paintable and stainable finish.


Grilles are the gridlines crosshatching the pane of glass. They enhance the beauty of any window and can bring a traditional or contemporary look to any home. The two designs we offer are classic, regular squares or prairie that offers a more unobstructed view with the elegance of a framed look. They not only come in colors to match the exteriors, but we also include metallic, pewter, and brass finishes for a more unique touch. We also have two different grille types. The between the glass (btg) option sits, just as it sounds, between two panes of insulated glass. They leave the surfaces smooth, and easier to clean. Simulated divided lites (sdl) look like traditional grilles, but do not compromise energy efficiency. Instead of actually breaking up the panes, these grilles are applied to the outer surface on both the inside and outside.


You might think the glass on your window is just glass. If so, you will be surprised by the modern technologies offered by today’s window manufacturers. A bronze tint will help minimize glare and reduce heat transfer entering your home. In northern climates like Toronto however, Pilkington Energy Advantage Low-E glass is the best for more applications. It has a higher rating for retaining heat inside your home during winter, and cuts down on heat gains during the summer. You get natural winter heat from the sun, cutting down on your energy expenses. Want privacy without cutting out the sunlight? Obscure glass (aka glue chip or frosted glass) is a specialized application that is particularly popular in basements, bathrooms, or along walkways. Want to insulate even further? You can choose triple-glazing, which uses three panes of glass instead of the usual two. And lastly, if you can fathom it, you can even choose the type of inert gas used between the panes—argon or krypton gas fills.


Don’t forget the handles, hinges, and locks. You can choose sleek handles that fold down and lie flatter than any other crank handle. You get a sleek profile which allows your window drapes and treatments to hang and close better.

With so many options you should visit our showroom and check them out first hand. Call for an appointment at (416) 324-2604 or visit us at 2131 McCowan Rd., Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6. We look forward to hearing from you!

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