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May 11, 2018 0

I’m not sure I have ever been more ready for the summer to get here. I say this every Springtime, though… Here in Toronto, surely, you can empathize. We experience long winters and by the time the first somewhat-warm day hits us, I’m ready for flip-flops, shorts, swimming pools, and afternoon barbeques on the patio with my family.

But, this year, I am especially ready for a few upgrades to my patio. My family has recently grown by one; my husband and I welcomed—finally—our first girl into our little clan. We have three boys (I had started to think I was only ever going to be a boy-mom…)! I’ve been bugging my husband for a couple years about our patio. You see, I want a bigger patio door and wider patio space to fit our needs-to-be-built picnic table. It’s a tall order, I know. But, our agreement was that we would do these upgrades if and when our family got any bigger.

Well, I won; our family got bigger. I got my sweet little girl and now we get to expand our patio, so we can make even better memories in our backyard.

Naturally, we’ve enlisted the help of our favourite installation pros in Brampton, ON: Brock Doors and Windows. They helped us remodel our home years ago when we purchased this house. We replaced the windows, added a bay window to the kitchen, and upgraded our entry door. And, now, we get to have them make room for a bigger, better patio door to go with our pending, soon-to-be modernized patio!

Here’s what we chose:

North Star Patio doors through Brock
Ohhhhh, the customization options have had my head spinning! My husband had to reel me back, just a bit. I immediately wanted a 4-panel option, but, he’s right… that’s too much for our home. We did, however, compromise on a 3-panel sliding door option by North Star, with two fixed panels and one, centered operating panel. It’s going to be lovely. Our space will appear so much larger than it is. And this will allow us to keep a closer eye on the boys in the backyard while we’re indoors in the kitchen or living room. We chose white trim with pewter finished hardware to complement our interior colours. As a bonus, our space will be instantly more energy efficient due to the quality of Brock’s products through North Star:

  • Multi-pane glass (extra energy conservation)
  • Tempered glass (added safety)
  • Fusion-welded sashes (added strength and improved seal)
  • Energy-efficient extrusions (energy savings)
  • Reinforced sashes (superior rigidity)
  • Heavy-duty screens (to keep out the bugs!)

We’ve picked out everything we need, now my husband just needs to get to work building our 6-person picnic table! I’m looking forward to next weekend when our trusted Brock Doors and Windows professionals arrive to expand our patio door in Brampton! If you want an improved patio door, too, give them a ring!

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