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January 05, 2018 0

You’ve probably heard this before: the entry door of your home is the most central, telling aspect of the family inside. It is the first impression for every new guest to take in and the last impression to them as they leave. It is important.

At Brock Doors and Windows, our careers center around the entry doors of Toronto, ON. We make it our mission to provide the most beautiful, the most diverse, and the most valuable options to our neighbors all across the GTA. And, though you may already know what you want in a new entry door for your home, we want to provide you with a helpful list of “must haves” before you choose!

  1. Secure locks
    Safety first. If your entry door does little to add to your safety, it may as well not be there. Brock offers many lock options—whatever level of security you need in your entryway, we will provide.

  2. Let there be light!
    Bringing natural light into the home is highly desired by many homeowners. Even if you are one to be keener on privacy, you likely do not want to compromise flooding your home and entryway with light. Choose decorative glass to cast intricate patterns across the floors and walls, or large transom windows and sidelights to connect the indoors to the outside. Whatever you
  3. Complementary hardware
    Have you ever seen an entry door with stunning windows and glasswork and colours—but it has a knob or pull which clashes? Don’t let this be your door! Take your time choosing the right elements for your entry door. Need help? Our professionals are happy to help!
  4. Coordinated caming
    Definition of caming: the strips which bind pieces of glass together in a door (or window) to add a decorative element to an entryway. What you choose—or what you do not choose—will dictate the level of elegance you have on your front door.
  5. Customizations
    No two homes are the same. Do you want double doors? An extra wide door? Sidelights? What material do you prefer? What about a peephole or a mail slot or door knocker? You see, an entry door should be more than driving to the nearest hardware store and choosing from one of five stock options! If you are ready to invest in a new entry door—let’s do it the right way. You deserve to choose a door which functions perfectly for your household.
  6. Warranty
    Not only should you have a product with a solid warranty, the door installation process should have one, too. With our professionals, that’s exactly what you get. Peace of mind goes a long, long way.

So, what do you say? Are you thinking about a new entry door in Toronto, Ontario with Brock Doors and Windows? Come visit our showroom or give us a call today!

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