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June 04, 2018 0

Is your patio space small and uninspiring? You’re not alone. In fact, many homeowners would describe their patio space this way. In truth, though, most of these same homeowners who would describe their patios as lacking in flare share something in common: they don’t realize they actually have a great space with which to work.

Brock Doors and Windows is full of experienced professionals who encounter unused—but good spaces—all the time. You see, we install windows and doors and patio doors for a living. We also help clients in co-designing their spaces with our products and problem solving for small spaces to make them appear larger. I say all of this to say—we see a lot of improperly used patio space while we’re busy installing our quality patio doors in Brampton, ON.

To be clear, improperly used outdoor space is rarely due to laziness. It’s almost always due to inexperience with tight spaces and how to use them to their fullest potential. If you would categorize yourself as the type of homeowner who wants a nice patio space but just can’t figure out what to do with it in all its Tiny Glory—let’s review some helpful pointers to get your creativity flowing! Read on!

Remove clutter
Your space may be small, but I’d be willing to bet it’s housing items that don’t need to be there. Overall, those who don’t use their patio the way they “would if it were bigger” turn to the bad habit of allowing it to be a dumping grounds of various items: a grill, an unmaintained flower pot or two, unused furniture, etc. If you don’t like it or you don’t use it—get rid of it. Well, unless it’s outdoor furniture, in-tact hanging flower pots, or baskets of some sort… keep those; we can work with them.

Rearrange your furniture
You’d be surprised how much more you like your outdoor furniture when its configured to make sense. Face two seating pieces (chairs, benches, love seats, etc.) toward each other. No matter how small your space is, creating coziness is key. The patio is much more inviting when the furniture pieces face each other. Also, get flower pots off the ground to free up space. Utilize mostly or only hanging planters.

Embrace a bit of DIY
You can repurpose some of your unsightly items without being born with the DIY gene. That worn flower pot that’s taken a beating from the sun—spray paint it white with a can of outdoor spray paint. That wicker basket you thought would be perfect for a small herb garden (but, you learned you can’t keep basil alive to save your own life—spray it white, too, and use it as a mini succulent garden container (they’re much more difficult to kill off!). 

Spring for one small upgrade
Choose something: a new patio door, a new large indoor/outdoor area rug, some lattice detail with running rose vines… Notice that none of these ideas require you to add-on additional patio space.

Brock Doors and Windows can help you with the patio door part! Give our pros a call so we can get started on your small space!

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