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Choosing My New Entry Door

July 13, 2018 0

I’ve been over and over in my mind the various entry door options there are these days. I don’t feel a sense of urgency to have my current entry door replaced—but, if I’m being totally honest, I completely hate it.

For some reason, last Friday when I came home from work, I found myself sitting in my driveway (car still running) just staring at my entry door in utter dismay. You see, over the last year, my living room and entryway have been through a transformation process. My husband and I finally got moving on our plans to renovate—and we have completed a LOT of our goal! We changed the colour of the walls, added crown molding, ripped up the carpet and resurfaced the wood flooring we found under it (bonus!), and made—yes, made—some custom furniture pieces.

It’s been a LOT of work, but it’s beautiful.

I say all of this to say that we have been on a roll lately. I guess we have just been feeling so accomplished and energized by the momentum, you know? The difference between my hisband and me? I wasn’t ready to stop the reno process yet.

So, here I am, sitting in the driveway as Foreigner finishes up “Head Games” on the radio—I’m staring a hole through the entry door. It has to go.

Convincing my husband only took a little bit of coaxing and a mild temper tantrum. Mild. Eventually, he agreed that our sad little entry door was simply taking away from all the progress we made just beyond its post.

The hubs has left it to me to decide on our new door. Seriously—he told me I could choose it, as long as I went through Brock Doors and Windows here in Brampton! (Side note: I would’ve gone with them, anyway; ALL my friends have used them and loved them, but if my husband thought he was negotiating, I will just let him think it….).

Having the freedom to choose whatever I wanted felt amazing—at first. Now, I can’t decide. Here are my three entry door hang-ups:

  • Do I want double doors or a single door?
  • What colour should it be?
  • What kind of windows should be in or next to it?

My husband is zero help. He meant it when he said it’s my decision. Sigh. So, I know I don’t want to go with anything too fancy. We’ve worked really hard to create an eclectic, quirky, unique vibe here at home. I want to preserve that. It’s all I can do to wait for the weekend to get here so I can go to Brock’s showroom and get their input. I can’t wait to work with them!

Here’s what I do know: chances are good that, while I’m there, I’ll check out the windows and patio windows in Brampton, Ontario options at Brock Doors and Windows, too… Are you looking to upgrade at home? Maybe we’ll bump into each other at Brock!

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