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December 15, 2017 0

Your home’s curb appeal depends on more than its front-facing appearance. Potential buyers want a beautiful 360-view. This includes your patio. Just as the front door of your home suggests a lot about who lives behind it—your patio door suggests just as much. Think about it: if your entry door is striking, with windows and brushed hardware and solid, quality materials, but your patio door is rickety and donning a torn screen—what does this say about you?

I’ll answer that (because this exact scenario used to be true in my home). This disjointed combo says, “I handle my life “half-heartedly.”

Yes, I used to have a bit of an eye sore for a patio door. I thought the plants and nice patio furniture hid it. It didn’t. In fact, my four-year-old asked me one day, “Mommy, why does this door look like a scary movie door?” Talk about a wake-up call.

That next week, I began looking for the right patio door for our halfway-completed Toronto home. Here are the steps I took:

  1. I set a budget
    I was not about to begin this process without giving myself some limits. Responsible limits. Limits that kept me from maxing out credit cards in excitement over a door meant for a millionaire. I considered and contrasted:
    – Upfront costs vs. long-term benefits
    – Estimated use (this was simple—we’re outside on our patio year-round, sun or snow)
    – Energy efficiency
    – Weather protection and performance (especially during the cold months)
    – Hardware options
    – Potential window additions around the entrance to the patio area
  2. I zeroed-in on a style preference
    Not everyone likes a sliding patio door. I, personally, love them. I think they are classic and efficient and safe for my little ones to operate. I was pleased to find out there are Toronto sliding doors with the French door look at Brock Doors and Windows. Same efficiency, higher-end look.
  3. I remembered that size/space matters
    We have a smaller patio with an even smaller kitchen walk-out. What I wanted to accomplish was to maximize the amount of glass surface area, to make the room look bigger and to open up the space to the outdoors. My Brock professional made this happen. I could not be more pleased.
  4. I chose the right installation company for the job
    I mentioned them above—Brock Doors and Windows. Finding them was simple. I did a Google search, went to their site and learned they’ve been in business here in Ontario for nearly 30 years. Obviously, they’re doing something I did another Google search and learned their previous customers have given them rave reviews and returned to them for other projects. They’ve earned awards and recognition for their customer service and stand behind their work. That’s the kind of company we all want handling our home renovations projects, right?

If your home is like mine was previously—disjointed and in need of a new patio door—give the team at Brock Doors and Windows a visit. They were wonderful to me. They’ll be wonderful to you, too.

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